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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 7, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it won't be too long before some of you will start to see to some of the state house, ande h by this fn a, we could be talking some thunderstorms and heavy rainfall with all of this. as we start out this morning, mo let's being look at the current temperatures. a mild start. 74 degrees at reagan national. bwi marshall. dulles 72. that is the same at haggerstown and manassas and 73 at fredericksburg. showers and thunderstorms bynder the afternoon isolated in nature. our high is 79 degrees. going to be flirting with the 80 degree mark and some and changes as we look at the seven-day forecast.-day we'll have that later. back to you. >> thanks. peoples along the gulf coastst are casualtily optimistic they dodged what could have been a pretty powerful storm. tropical storm karen was downgraded to a tropical depression. weaken ands to break apart. parts of alabama and florida could still see heavy rains and strong rip currents this
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week. an investigation is under wayoni into a deadly car crash in in fair fax county. 21-year-old devin austin and another person were killed. police say their car hit a concrete bridge support early sunday morning on van dorn street in franconia.ranc another person in the car was c taken to the hospital with life-threatening police believe speed may have been a factor in this crash. now to a scary scene in prince georges county where 11 were injured in what witnesses called a drag race. >> audrey barnes caught up cau with people who saw the saw accident to find out what happened. >> there was a drag racing oning the north side of the, of 301 there. >> reporter: lennard was driving southbound near clymer drive when a vehicle from the northbound sided s slammed into traffic heading southbound. >> the vehicle beside me hit
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me, and knocked me into the shoulder. and then from there, the everybody, you know, they hit everybody else. >> reporter: this mercury marauder which police way wass speeding overturned. a yellow truck caught firea and burned. lon colbert who was a passenger in joan's car sawaw everything unfold. >> we ended up in the ditch.tch. luckily we were in the slow lane. two other vehicles weren't so so lucky. >> reporter: police say thehe 23-year-old driver of the marauder and his 17-year-old passenger were air lifted to the prince georges county hospital center. nine other people including in two small children weree rushed by ambulance to the to hospital. >> the police, that's whatt's they informed us with, with that information. that they were drag racing and came across and hit us. >> reporter: the two two friends say it is a miracle they weren't hurt in the accident that shut down route
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301 for nearly six hours. do you have words to describe what you've been throughhrou today? >> traumatic, it's the worst thing i've ever been involvednvl in. it was' pretty bad. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 morning news. >> let's go to texas where 13 fans are recovering after a race car crash in houstonoust sending debris in the stands. two people were taken to the hospital. thees were treated at scene. the driver four time series champion fran cheedy suffered a concussion and fractured his spine in the wreck. we've plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >>op fox 5 morning news at 5:00 -- 4:30 starts now. good morning to you, live look outside right now at 4:29. happy monday.p we're going to check in with gwen in a second to get an a update on the weather w swaitionz, but first we wantant to say good morning to you, i amie a wisdom martin. >> i'm sara simmons, i don't i
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know about you guys, but itt it was back to the shorts and, you know, summer wear. >> s unbelievable. even tying records. ty >>in really? >> temperatures from 17 to 20 degrees rm than they should have been. mother nature is giving us a big tease. i hoped you enjoyed thehe weekend. today a different story. let's look at our raddite satellite composite. clouds heading our way. that is the story of the day. we have a strong cold frontong and that is moving its way in from the west. so that rain you see just on jus the edge of our map there is going to move in across our area before too long. not only that, but we're also talking of the chance of isolated thunder storms byat this afternoon. so don't head out withoutit taking your umbrella and be be prepared later on.ared keep your eyes to the skies. as far as temperatures, well,tu here is a look at the advisory, we have a coltal col flood advisory in effectffec until 11:00. tides well above normal.
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do be aware if you are along are the bay. as far as temperatures are kenned look at where they're hitting, 74 at national. 71 b.w.i.thurgood marshal. unsettled day. today we'll be into the up ir70s so another warm day. >> it's the cold air on the other side of the storm? >> there you go. that's the story. >> thanks. >> let's check in with julie and take a look at the commute. >> it's the humidity. you are sitting there trying to do the hair. the more you do it the t stickier it gets. ge this happens to be the outer loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. weha pulled up a camera and, unfortunately it's very dark. we can't see a lot of the activity happening before the exit for 95 college park. that is where back in then 2:00 hour at least two vehicles collided. there is an ongoing reconstruction team on the tea scene and also the inner loop i of the beltway traffic israf being diverted on to 95 at 9 this point. you can ride the ramp this at
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the park and ride to reconnect but off of the inner loop of belt woo you can go no further than the exit for i-95. this happens to be southbound 270 out of germantown. 66 from vienna to thehe capital. this is a check of your traffic. >> thanks, jiewlgy. the government shutdown --- julie, the governmentl shutdown continues with no compromise in i over the weekends the house passed a bill to get federal workers to get back pay. >> as melanie reports john j boehner is telling president obama there will be no debt hike without concessions. >> reporter: if there was any question where r congresswhe is headed, this should make sho it the pretty clear. >> we're not going to pass a clean debt limit increase. i told the president, there is no way -- when the votes the are not in the house to pass t a clean debt limit.
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the risk -- president is risking default by not having a conversation with us. wi >> reporter: john bainerr appearing surprisingly defiant to those who assume who he is being railroaded by tea party conservatives.r >>ty i know john boehner, ioehn know he doesn't want to default. he also didn't want to shut the government down. >> reporter: he warned of w the consequences of inactions on the shutdown and the debt d ceiling. >> if the shutdown ends quickly, the, we'll recover from the damage. if it goes on for a longer period of time it'll do more harm. >> reporter: those two crisis tied up in the republicans tire to makeake trades, changes to thes, c healthcare law for a budget deal. long-term entitlement reform for a debt ceiling increase. chris wallace noted 27 times in the past that congress has attached other big issues to the debt ceiling. >> what is unprecedented is
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the president refusing toto negotiate. >> let me be clear, the president has always been looking for a way to negotiate, find a reasonable middle ground with a bipartisan, you know, group of members and senators to do the right thing for the american people. >> reporter: republicans say they're moving forward. >> within, we've been putting pt out clean orr continuing resolutions all week. we've been trying to fundfund government and reopen government. point, harry reid rei said, no, he doesn't want to open government. >> reporter: democrats areep holding fast to be a all-or-nothing stance end though boehner says it won't pass. >> let me issue a friendly fr challenge. put it on the floor. i would bet there are there vote to pass it.o p >> reporter: so there are a some fractures among individual lawmakers. itin appears party leadership has locked in with no exit strategy in sight. melanie, fox 5 news. >> another major impact thehe shutdown is having, it isy a a making difficult for people
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and tourists to enjoy d.c.parks, monuments and museums but some appear to be ignoring those closed signs and barricades. some visiting from out of town say they are willing toling risk a $50 fine to see a part of history. >> might be worth it. if you spend, wait for youror whole life to get it. >> reporter: park policeer: are in the aware of anyone being fined or ticketed for moving barricades or playing in the park. >> visitors in new york, many of the big applees federally operated land marks are closed. the biggest disappointment ispp not being allowed to visit the statue of liberty. thee homecoming parades are are canceled in loudon county because of budget cuts in the t sheriff's department. >> the "washington post" is is reporting an all republican r board of supervisors cut the tax rate and trimmed government programs.ent
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here is the situation, three high schools are affected. they include pot omak falls and park view as well as freedom high school in south riding. teachers at the potomac falls say the school organized a block party to replace it. >> the stage is set for another showdown in washington. talking aboutut protestors to get the red th skins to change their name. they'll greet. owners, members of the oneida indian nation have invited nfl leaders to attend a symposium on the issue. over the weekend president obama weighed in on the controversy. >> if i were the owner of the t team, and i knew that there k was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sidable group of people, -- sizeable group of people, i would i
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think about changing it. c >> team attorney told fox 5 fox that the president's remarksiden aren't likely to sway the t owner. the nfl said it's up to snider to decide on the name. >> the oneida indian nationat symposium is being held at a the ritz karlton in georgetown at 11:00. eleanor holmes norton will speak. the troibs' leader will be w here in the fox 5 studios todios make his case tor a new hampshire change at 7:30 this morning. coming up this hour, dozens d dead following clashes in egypt. >> plus why there is outrage i after the u.s. pulls off two high-profile eliminations toinat eliminate threats to nationalati security. >> later on is this punishment too har snsh a a young girl spotted on a busy road. find out what she stole straight ahead. time now is 4:37.
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>> violent clabs in egypt ass tensions boiled over in cairoa leaving more than 50 people dead and 240 reportedly injured. yesterday was supposed to bee a national holidayho celebrating the 40th anniversary of the war with israel, but rival protestorss clashed and police fired tear gas and live ammunition on crowds. 400 members of the muslim brotherhood are reportedry under arrest. busy weekend for the u.s. military involved in two overseas missions including a raid in libya that captured a suspect in the 1998 u.s.. embassy bombings in africa. >> libya is calling the capture of a senior al-qaeda member an abduction, jennifer griffin takes a closer look. >> reporter: u.s. special operations forces conducting two terror raids this weekend. the first capturing a senior al dead ax member in libya. the pentagon confirming the arrest of al al-libi in trip
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lye. his family said he was nabbed as he pulled up to his house after morning prayers. al lib iks is wanted inan connection with the 1998 deadly bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. isay officials say they being held on a ship at seaat and they plan to prosecute him in a u.s. court. seat of state john kerryerr speaking about the raid in bali sunday. >> we hope that this makeshi clear that the united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable who conduct acts of terror and those membersers of al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but you can't hide. >> reporter: al-libi had been indicted in the southernthe district of new york and wasand on the run for over a decade. >> has been wanted for 15 years, i wish he was beingei tried in guantanamo bay.guan >> reporter: the second raid in somalia targeting topa
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members of the group responsible for last month's deadly mall massacre in kenya sale team six members leading le the operation early saturday. targeting multiple members of al-shabab and al-qaeda affiliate. u.s. military sources said a least one somali was killed but the seals could not retrieve the body to make an identification. back in libya governmenternm officials say they were' note' told of the plans to capture fox news learned thelear president approved these two operations late last month. in washington jennifer griffin, fox >> come up trouble for metro. >> how weekend track workor turned deadly for one person per but first, we want to talk to gwen. >> hi, don't leave home without your umbrella. we've some active weather headed through. we'll let you know when ton expect it and how long it's going to stick around. fultz forecast just ahead. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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♪ >> wow. >> 4:45 right now. speaking of exchanges going to change this weekendend weather. you maybe enjoyed t. i hope you can take a picture of it in your mind.ind it's going to change. >> depend on how much heatch you like and how much you how want to get into the fall
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let's just say because it's coming. let's begin with a look at what is happening out there.her we're going to start with art look at yesterday's temperatures which were unbelievable.un you know what? it's actually should be an 89 there at dulles because thatat tied a record set back in 1985. unbelievable.un 1995, this is 89 degrees. 91 at national. 86 at b.w.i..w temperatures well above as many. 17 to 20 degrees, we should only be in the low 70s, that's where we're starting out. 74 degrees at national airport. 71 baltimore. the same at bulless, a little -- dulles. 73 so the south at we havede a strong cold fronton to deal with today. that frontal system is going g to come right into the very warm humid air mass that wewe have. so we're looking at a chance of storms by the course ofe co the afternoon, but the clouds are starting to move can see the wet weather going to hit our western areas into the course of the mid-morning
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hours before we see some of it really chilling out. let's being will at radar because what i want to show you is the line of storms mainly to the south. this is absorbed all the moisture from what was troption karen.opti so that has merged with you m will a the moisture from this system so that means some pockets of heavy rainfall. back to the weather map. that is something we're going to have to deal with in the day. we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect. that until 11:00 this morning. so. d if you areumin in the area at all but humidity will stick around and the frontal tem will movell through nd a be east of the bay by this afternoon but not before it leaves us with scattered or isolated thunderstorms. we could see some pockets of heavy rainfall. 79 degrees, my today. we're talking about this evening about 50 degrees,es we'll see the storms wane outne
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into the evening hours aurs little later on. here is a look at the seven-day forecast for you.u. it's over after today. the rest of the week looks good. those temperatures really dropping back to where they should be so we're going from the 80s and 90s on the week back to the low 07 eashes upper 60 awns we hit to the tuesday period that. is right. sara, you were right when youhen said the coolser air coming mind the storm system is coming in but we'll be where we should be so you can enjoy the fall weather and all your pumpkin picking. >> it doesn't seem right to be looking for pumpkins this weekend --week >> sunglasses and shorts. i know, exactly. >> i had to put it off for another weekend.end. i that you christmas decorations in the stores already. >> don't get me started. let's say hello to julie. >> good to see you. >> wisdom you are aulie quiet. >> -- awfully quiet.
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>> i'm taking in all the beauty. >> there you go. smooths -- smooth talker. smooth ride on the loop but the inner loop is the holdup. unfortunately it's a two-car accident which occurred late in the 2:00 hour. it remains under un investigation and blocking the ramp from the inner loop at the beltway over at 95 college park. all traffic on the inner loopner is forced to head on the outbound 95. you can ride the ramp that would take you over to the the park and ride to reconnect with the inner loop of the beltway. if you are coming southboundou out to bellstone, this willis not effect you.ff you can exit onec to the beltway properly. thilstw happens to be southbound 270 coming in out of german town. an easy commute with no issues reported. rep eastbound of 66, northbound i-95, headed in from woodbridge you will find light traffic volume northbound to the beltway that. is a check of your on time traffic. >> thank you very much.y m we're monitoring metro thisis morning after a deadly
4:49 am
accident inside a tunnel. >> this happened just after midnight sunday on the red line as crews were welding a a portion of rail.. leash demarco has the latest for us. >> reporter: crews have been welding sections of track together inside metro's red line tunnel described a sudden loud noise then fire. it's not clear what is to blame, but investigators sayvest it caused a 40-foot section of rail to move hitting a track worker, a supervisor and a contract worker. all three were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. contractor harold ingram didn't survive. in a statement they stayed: following the incident allll red line work was suspended and a safety standdown wass offered to offer counseling and reinstruct employees onees safety procedures. the work ingram and the
4:50 am
employees were performs isform part of a $5.5 billion project. it's part of major rebuildingldi work. thing laest reconstructionecon effort since metro was built b in the 1970s. over the weekend it shut dun red line trains between dupont circle and gallaudet. the accident occurred about 400 feet from the union street platform. the committee president says they're "very concerned about the safety of riders, moyios m and contractors and will be monitoring metro's investigation closely." due to the governmentent shutdown the ntsb cannot be reached. >> they're furloughed due to the lapse of funding therefore we're not employingyig updates or information to the te media. >> reporter: theer: investigation is ongoing. lauren demarco, fox 5 news. 5 >> a new parking gacialgcial opens at the twin brook metro station on the it replaces a previousous
4:51 am
parking area which will be used for row tail offices and apartments. >> parking rates will notl change and stay at $4.75 on week days.ays a new garage is accessible from chapman avenue. metro is unveiling the new entrance to the ross len station. it includes three through elevators, a new station manager kiosk, new pay stations and an additionalona mez mezzanine. >> we all know how long and thorough airport security is, but apparent will you one o little boy figured out how to outsmart the system. >> plus a signed shaming, find the out what this young girl did that landed her on a street corner holding this[ l sign. the time is 4:52. back in a moment. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15,
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news on this monday morning. time is 4:54679 listen to
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this story,te a free ride for a nine-year-old minneapolis boyapl who boarded a plane without a ticket. security at the airportirpo scened the boy then he got on a delta flight for las vegas. while on the plane the crew became suspicious of the boyhe and contacted police. authorities met the crew when they landed and took the boy to child protection services.erv the boy has returned home. the case is under investigation. >> the big thing is how didw he get through all the security? is it.? >> very good question. they're screening us like crazy. it is amazing how this little guy got in there. >> maybe he is not the typical suspect of someone trying to sneak on a interesting. >> yeah. can't wait to hear the th detbails that. also this morning, a young california girl is turning a lot of heads at a sacramento intersection. >> fox's ben finds out why she was' forced to hold a sign of shame for lying and
4:55 am
stealing. >> reporter: after all we do know whar:t she did. she is holding a green sign confessing to it. >> humiliation. that was the first thing thatng came to my mind.y >> reporter: judy asked the girl what she had done to beo punished in this way. forced to hold this sign at the intersection in sacramento where hundreds,undr thousands of cars ride by every hour. the girl said she had taken aakn dog from a friend's family and told thes woman they had -- >> the degree of embarrass. was way up there because whenaue we asked her, she started come down and describing. >> reporter: it's the missing dog had gone unnoticed the punishmentnish certainly didn't.rt >> out of line having her do that. >> too far. >> way more humiliating. >> reporter: when she asked the woman who was with the th girls if she was' ok to takeo the picture. the woman identified herselfsfid a the girl's sister and her
4:56 am
legal guardian. she said she was' trying to set the girl on the right path. >> as a parent myself, thereyse is way too many different approaches to is, you know making the child stop their t behave ior pu not putting them out in public. >> another very bizarre story >> stailg a dog. >> how -- stealing a dog. >> we want to a hear more about that story as well. >> come up, the supreme courtme returns today. t we're going to tell you what to the justices are focusing on o just ahead. >> first let's check in with melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the red skins' name change controversy comes right heres r to georgetown with native americans who are fighting for a name change and nfl openers meeting in the same hautesle. we'll have -- hotel. we'll have the story when fox 5 morning news continues.
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>> announcer: this is fox 5 morning news. >> good morning, 5:00 taking a live look over the washington, d.c. area. just to keep those warm summer weather type clothes on hand for one more day because you are going to need it. temperatures already in thethe 70s out there pu it's going to change soon. good morning. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. all here again. aga we're going to talk traffic and weather appear we're going to talk weather first. you know the routine. >> minus tucker gearns -- barnes. >> he is often today. >> good morning, it was an absolutely hot, swelteringteri weekend. we're going to be to the lowow 80's upper 07's, a far cry from the 90s but with a few changes. let's show you what we'ree're talking about.t clouds arol


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